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Silvernicks New & Used

An Eclectic Treasure Trove in Virden, IL

Hi there! We're Sterling and Tammy Nichols!

And we're the owners of Silvernicks New & Used in Virden, Illinois.

We have been called many other names....Snickerdoodles, silver nickels, snicks, serendipity.... and the list goes on!!! We've also been called a bunch of types of businesses: a thrift store a junk store, an antique store, and more. But the thing about Silvernicks is that you truly have to visit to really see what we are all about!

We are a family-owned and operated store on historic Route 66 in Virden, Illinois and we love helping you find the eclectic pieces that you may not have known you needed!

Things We Carry

Architectural Salvage

We carry a variety of barn wood/reclaimed lumber for sale, salvaged windows, vintage hardware, and more!

Furniture and Housewares

Whether you need antique furniture, vintage furniture, unique wall hangings, or something else, you're sure to find unique home decor at Silvernicks!

Odds & Ends

Because of our work with estate liquidation, you never know what you may find! We often have a variety of nicknacks, collectibles, decor, and more!

Our inventory changes on a daily basis, so the things you see here are just a sampling of the type of things we may have in stock, not actual current stock. To see what's new in-store, make sure to

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Your Repurposing and "Project Piece" Goldmine!

If you're looking for that perfect piece of furniture to repurpose, maybe some trinkets for a project, Silvernicks is your one-stop shop! We've got:

Furniture project pieces;

Antique and vintage hardware pieces;

Craft supplies;

All kinds of fun trinkets from Scrabble tiles to bins full of keys;

Antique doors;

Salvaged trim boards;

and MORE!

Made by Our Customers

We love seeing the creations our customers come up with from their Silvernicks project pieces! Here are a few!

Made by Silvernicks

When we aren't out "picking" we like to create too! Here are some of our creations that you may see in-store for sale!

(Like other merchandise, this is just a sampling of what you *MAY* find and not necessarily what you have in stock at a given moment!)

What People Have Said...

Quotation Mark

Always enjoy every trip through this fantastic store of unusual, memorable, or just fun stuff. Even have great antique pieces. My husband loves the old wood and architectural things.I’m always surprised by new stuff every time I go in. Very welcoming place to go and enjoy. Highly recommend. Plus everything is at very reasonable prices.


Hettie C.

Quotation Mark

Silvernicks is one of those magical places where you can browse for hours and your idea machine goes into overload! Everything is reasonably priced and the owners are adorable!!!


Pamela E.

Quotation Mark

A great shop with great finds. Always changing inventory and I love the large selection of antique hardware, kitchen drawer pulls, knobs, hooks, trim pieces etc... And Tammy and Sterling are awesome and always Helpful!


Shelley T.

Silvernicks New & Used

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167 N. Springfeld St.

Virden, IL 62690

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